High resolution images

Hi-resolution images

High resolution images

Images are often referred to as hi-res (high resolution) and low-res (low resolution). A high resolution image intended for print must be least 300dpi and a low resolution image which is intended for screen display (web) is 72dpi.

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch.

Without getting too technical, imagine an area on your image (an inch in measurement) and when you look at that area the amount of dots in the image you are getting for low-res is only 72 dots, but if it was hi-res it would be 300 which means that there is much more detail in the hi-res image as there are more dots, more detail, more information.

OK, so you have your 300dpi image now, BUT wait a minute, how big is the actual file in size? If it is, say, 50mm in width, but you want to use it on your poster at 100mm this isn’t going to give you good quality, because you are then making the image 100% bigger than it is intended to be used at the 300dpi file size. So now it only becomes 150dpi and now not good enough quality to print from.

So not only do you need to have a 300dpi image, if you intend to use it large, it also needs to be the right measurements in regards to the width and height too.

There is no point giving me a 300dpi file, if it is really small and you want it on a massive banner. If it gets enlarged to over 200% you are making the quality poor once more.

How do you check if your image is 300dpi? If you have the right software for example photoshop, you can open the file up and check the image size – in there you can see the height, width and pixels/inch.

When using this image, make sure you are not making it larger than the original and you will get the quality results.

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Flutterflies Design knows you have some questions.

Here are some of our frequently asked ones –

What are pantone colours?2021-03-17T13:40:22+10:30

Pantone colours refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a colour matching system used by the printing industry. This helps make sure that colours turn out the same from system to system, and print run to print run. Pantone colours are also used when the CMYK colour breakdown can’t achieve that perfect colour that you require.

It is more costly to print with a pantone colour, compared to CMYK on a press/litho or printing digitally.

Use this helpful colour finder to find your perfect pantone colour.

How soon can you work on our design project with us?2021-03-17T13:33:22+10:30

Flutterflies Design are passionate about their work. For business or personal requirements – whether you are starting from scratch, need old designs revamped, or are after quality printing from your own print ready files, we are able to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours – once we have discussed what you need, we can then schedule you in.

Depending on our current work load, it can be as quick as getting in touch the same day to start the ball rolling. We try to accommodate all our clients requirements and schedules. If you have a tight deadline I will do my best to accommodate you. The more time you invest, the better the end results will be.

Don’t delay a moment longer, get in touch now!

What services do you offer?2021-03-17T13:44:57+10:30

Flutterflies Design offers a vast array of services, including, but not limited to logo design, business card design, stationery, flyers, postcards, envelopes, labels, magnets, signage, uniforms, website design, website hosting. You can view my services on this page, or check out my extensive portfolio too.

How much does it cost?2021-03-26T08:59:27+10:30

We are not an agency, you won’t be paying agency prices. There is just me in my studio, with very little overheads. I have an amazing team that works with me, from copywriters, website developers and IT support. We bring years of experience and value to each and every project.

All pricing can be tailored to your budget. I take pride in my affordability and my customer contact, you will be surprised in what we can offer you. I will always provide the best solution possible for your next marketing project and your specific needs. Just get in touch for a FREE quote.

Can you work with the files I already have?2021-03-17T13:46:56+10:30

Absolutely. If you have worked with a previous graphic designer, you should have access to the working files – just ask them to forward them to you and then we can work with you on what you require. If you can’t get hold of these files, we can recreate what you need, or completely start again and create a new design and concept for you.

We use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. We can assist you with what files are required.

You may have a print ready PDF, we can extract files from that too.

Just fill in the form above and start the ball rolling.

How do I know if you are a good graphic designer?2021-11-10T16:05:29+10:30

I have been in the printing industry for over 33 years. Since I left school in fact! It is all I have ever known! As I started in print, I know the processes and what is required when putting together artwork files for going to press – this is a huge advantage.

Having worked with many business clients over the years, both in my own business and working for an employer in the print industry, so the knowledge I have is very extensive. My experience and skill set enables me to work with you right from the start of concept creation, through to execution, whether it be full brand identity, logo design, print or web design.

You can read what my clients say, word of mouth is definitely a good way to find out about someone’s abilities.

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Plus you can also read more about me on this page.

If I see something I like somewhere else, can you replicate it?2021-03-17T13:48:47+10:30

No, we wouldn’t copy someone else’s design. But we would get an idea of the type of design/style you like and this helps us to produce something that is within your vision.

Let’s Make Things Happen.

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